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Before/After School Care

Recreation Activities


We provide before and after-school care and Summer camp for individuals with disabilities.

Evan’s Voice Community Center (EVCC) provides before/after school specialized care for students with a significant disability. EVCC also ensures meaningful services through engagement, recreation, and life skills instruction. Evan’s Voice Community Center will provide high-quality service, while encouraging educational experience, promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development at every stage. Engaging quality service for special needs and opportunities provides parents peace of mind.





Evan’s Community Center provides services under Virginia DBHDS/DMAS which bring families with waivers at no cost. Families without waivers or families who cannot afford it can be funded by grants and fundraising by a non-profit organization that we are planning to form in the near future. Evan’s Community Center provides services for all families with consideration of paying on a sliding scale based on their income.


Mother and Son

We provide activities for individuals with disabilities.


Evan's Voice Community Center provides activities such as a Sensory-friendly pool, Swimming Class (partnership with iCanSwim) can empower individuals with disabilities and families. 

Walk on the Beach

We provide special education advocate consultation.

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